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We provide the most popular tour in Belize and much more. Our Cave Tubing Paradise tour is sought after by tourist from all over and we give them the best time every time. Mr. Luis Portillo is your tour guide who specializes in cave tubing, he also does tours to the different ancient Maya archaeological sites and our famous Belize Zoo.

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We're crazy about cave tubing: the river, the jungle hike, the mountains, the rock formations and the loads of fun. That's why we opened our doors--to serve our fun seeking tourists and clients who we love most. When you come to our outdoor office, you'll see us in our element.

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Our team of experts is ready for anything. We combine cave tubing with Zip Line which is located at the same location as the caves. If you wish to kayak our caves, NO PROBLEM!! we are ready.

What is Cave Tubing???

Cave Tubing is one of the most relaxing and educational tours done only in Belize. Tube through the ancient ceremonial locations of the Maya, through the lime stone tunnels made by the Caves Branch River over millions of years. This journey will take you through the under world Xibalba, a most sacred place to the Maya civilization. 

Cave Tubing includes a 30 to 45 minute hike through the jungles of Belize to go around the mountain which the river tunneled through. You sit and relax in your flotation tube and enjoy our exciting and thrilling experience as you go floating by many stalactites and stalagmites, rock formations and a breath taking waterfall within the cave system.

Zip Line

Combine Zip Line with Cave Tubing for the ultimate adventure!!

Our facilities are located at the same cave park, so its the perfect combination tour!!

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When You are in Belize, the US dollar is actually worth $2.00 Belize. So, you are twice as rich. The US dollar is accepted everywhere.


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Latest News: We now accept credit card payments - VISA & MasterCard  

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